Philosophy & Goals

Philosophy & Goals

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Children enter the world as unformed beings. Born with only potential, they possess great possibility that will allow them to complete the difficult task of their own construction, eventually developing into full formed, fulfilled, and responsible individuals.

They cannot accomplish this task in an immobile state but rather through purposeful movement, discovery, and exploration. The teacher’s critical role is to foster, promote, and protect this all-important evolution. Our mission is to provide academic excellence to prepare young hearts and minds for the challenges of life.

St. Matthew’s Montessori School offers an educational program for children 2 years (and potty trained) through 6 years of age. Our highly trained, certified teachers provide a rich, individualized academic environment which promotes independence and optimum scholastic achievement. All members of our staff are dedicated to the Montessori approach to education and life which respects each child’s self-concept and developmental needs. The teachers design individualized programs in accordance with each child’s social and emotional needs as well as academic and physical development. The staff at St. Matthew’s Montessori School is comprised of experienced and credentialed Montessori trained teachers.

The Role of Faith

St. Matthew’s Montessori School is a Christian preschool in the tradition of the Anglican Catholic Faith. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of the world. Our teachers are believing and practicing Christians. Our classrooms display symbols of the faith. Our curriculum includes age-appropriate Bible stories. We say grace before meals and prayer at other times. We observe the major feasts of the Christian year. We believe that faith is not merely one part of life. Faith is the assumption that governs all aspects of life.

Affiliations and Organizations

St. Matthew’s Montessori School is affiliated with organizations established to promote standards of excellence:

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