Kindergarten Readiness!



Lillian Chung
School Psychologist

As a school psychologist I am often asked “Is my child ready for Kindergarten?”.  Readiness includes a myriad of skills including cognitive, linguistic, behavioral and social.  In the last 20 years, many educational systems have offered all kinds of enrichment.  Research has shown that more young children are entering Kindergarten knowing their alphabet and numbers but having difficulty making and keeping friends.  Fortunately, the “social skills” necessary for Kindergarten success are LEARNED behaviors.  The PATH’s class offers a comprehensive social skills class that focuses on the skills needed for Kindergarten readiness such as:  how to share and negotiate; how to pick up on social cues; how to initiate and sustain positive friendships, practice grace and manners and most importantly, how to build empathy.  Age-appropriate stories, songs, games and puppets are used in each class to focus on a different skill.  Parents are given “homework” weekly so they can reinforce the learned behavior at home.  Classes start on Wednesday, Sept. 17th and are limited to 10 students only.  I am looking forward to another wonderful year at St. Matthew’s Montessori and working with your children.

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